Submitting a new Song Set

If you'd like to create a song set of your own, all you have to do is browse the amazing library at When you've found a few (5-30) xcids that you'd like to see, send them to us in an email. For example:

    To:  lynn at thesalmons dot org 
    Subject: [earbird] South Georgia Island Birds

    Description: South Georgia Island Birds
    214846  King Penguin
    332007  King Penguin
    214631  Light Mantled Albatross
    254065  Northern Giant Petral
    318731  South Georgia Pippit
    318730  South Geortia Pippit
    254073  Brown Skua
    157338  Kelp Gull
    322538  Antarctic Tern

One day, this will be fully automated, but until then, give us a few days to create the song set and link to it from the home page .

  Good birding,
  John & Lynn Salmon