Why netpoker is not IRC poker

Netpoker is a completely different software package from IRC poker. When I started writing Netpoker, my goal was to better understand poker strategy by simulation. I wrote some very fast (I thought) code to do poker hand evaluations, and gathered some statistics. It became clear that the only way to really gather interesting statistics would be to "play" different strategies against one another. At this point, I could have written an IRC player 'bot, but

Thus I decided to write my own poker dealer and player. I realized that if I used TCP/IP to communicate between players and dealer, then I could not only write players to explore strategy options, but I could also practice against them! Thus, Netpoker took its present form as separate processes for dealer and players, communicating via TCP/IP. Eventually, the user interface, and making the system usable by multiple players took up most of the effort, and I haven't had a chance to really get back and improve the strategies. Sigh.

Comparison with IRC:

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John Salmon