Riversleigh/Naracoorte Mammal Fossil Sites

(19.02 S 138.67 E)/(36.95 S 140.83 E)

The Riversleigh/Naracoorte Fossil site is made up of two sites separated by 2,000 km. The Riversleigh site provides outstanding examples of middle to late Tertiary mammal assemblages in a continent whose mammalian evolutionary history has been one of the most isolated and distinctive in the world. At Naracoorte, Victoria Fossil Cave preserves an outstanding record of terrestrial vertebrate life spanning the last 170,000 years.

Riversleigh is located 75 kms to the southeast of beautiful Lawn Hill National Park (now called Boodjamulla National Park). It is one of the most exciting fossil fields in the world. The vast deposits at Riversleigh are a massive burial ground of prehistoric creatures. For tens of square kilometers, the field's limestone has revealed scores of creatures previously unknown to science, and has become the Rosetta Stone of Australian Paleontology.

Finds include the fossil remains of giant pythons (Monty pythonoides), carnivorous kangaroos, marsupial lions and huge flightless 'thunder birds'. And, let's not forget the Thingodont.

Photos from our August, 1995 visit to Riversleigh

during our

Road Trip Outback Down Under

The Riversleigh Society publishes a newsletter, Riversleigh Notes, and also does fund raising to help support studies of the Riversleigh fossil deposits and Australian prehistory in general. Correspondence should be addressed to:

The Riversleigh Society, Inc.     
PO Box 296
Rockdale NSW 2216  AUSTRALIA  

Partial Bibliography on findings at the Riversleigh Fossil Site

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