Flightless Steamer Duck (Tachyeres pteneres)

Tierra del Fuego Argentina, December 15, 2014

We mis-id'd one of these when visiting Torres del Paine Chile during our Trip to the end of the World in 1993. The duck was waddling around amongst a group of curious guanacos at the time and we incorrectly thought it was a flightless steamer duck. Years later, a South American ebird reviewer suggested that bird was a flying steamer duck and we changed the id.

While visiting Tierra del Fuego NP in 2014, we were fortunate to see both species: one flying steamer duck, and a pair of flightless steamer ducks, with a guide who verified the ids. See our Southern Ocean Expedition.

Flightless Steamer Duck ebird observations

Flying Steamer Duck ebird observations

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