Waved Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata)

Isla Espanola, Galapagos, June 20, 2019

It was early morning as we headed to Punta Suarez for a 5:45am dry landing. The majority of the world's waved albatross nest here, and our dawn arrival is timed to watch pairs engage in a courting ritual that leads to a lifelong bond. We are treated to this unforgettable sight. Our walk takes us to a cliff edge where we also watch albatross taking off and coming in for a landing. We also see many Espanola mockingbirds plus more blue-footed boobies during the nearly 4 hours we spent here.

Awesome Video of Waved Albatross Courtship Dance

Video of Waved Albatross Pair Mating

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