We took up curling at the beginning of 2008. It's a game of grace and skill, played on ice, perfectly suited for us :-). See the Wikipedia article for a detailed description of the rules of the game. Or go straight to our movies to see us in action on day 1.

Curling originated in Scotland in the 1500's. We had a taste of what that was like at The Pondspiel.

Curling in a Nutshell

What is curling? Lots of people like to call it "chess on ice" which to me doesn't fit well at all. It's more a "billiards on ice" with 44 lb stones for balls and you are the pool cue. I suppose it is similar to shuffleboard, except that while curling you get to wear a teflon-bottomed shoe and slide along the ice on one foot -- way more fun than shuffleboard.

Some questions we curlers are routinely asked include:

Useful Curling Links

Salmon with Brooms


We won the silver medals!!!

Team: skip - Leeza Furman, vice - Christi Freeman-Kirchner, 2nd - Alice Yeh, lead - Lynn Salmon

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News 12 Visits Ardsley Curling Club

News 12's Greg Thompson went looking for the answer of what exactly is curling and found some local experts at ACC on February 8, 2022.

I'm standing around during part of the interview and they cut to me delivering a stone at 1:42. See the link to video clip // (link 2)

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