Our sheep in wolf's clothing: Atlantic Maveric Salmon

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Mav joined our family in 2001 when he was almost 2 years old. We changed his name to Atlantic to fit in with the rest of TheSalmons, but he maintains Mav as a preferred nickname along with Mavers and WD. When asked to sit or stay, or practically any command will cause him to shake hands --- always a crowd pleaser.

Mav's first job in the Salmon household was as goat shepard to our garden tools, Black and Decker.

Coho regarded the goats as prey rather than livestock and couldn't be trusted with them.

When not geocaching, Mav likes to spend his time keeping the furniture warm.

On August 8, 2006 Mav developed a hard knobby swelling on his front right leg. It was initially misdiagnosed as Lyme disease, he did test positive for Lyme, but after a 20 day course of Doxcycline, the swelling had not improved. The leg was x-rayed, and he was found to have osteosarcoma of the distal radius. We opted to have the affected limb amputated on August 30, and followed this by a round of chemotherapy (450mg carboplatin) administered 3 times.

More details of Mav's battle with cancer and a few photos.

Atlantic Maveric Salmon, our happy, goofy dog. RIP March 17, 2007.

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