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Learn to identify bird sounds using sound flash cards. Click on the image to sample common back yard bird sounds or choose more bird species from the Bird Song sets listed below.

Sound flash cards will be presented randomly in sets of 5. Within a set, click to reload to get another set of 5 at random. Or, to see a full list for the area, click on the link at the bottom of a set and toggle to reveal all.

Bird Song Sets

Westchester, NY

Westchester: Common Back Yard Birds (Quaker Bridge)
More back yard birds (no sparrows)
Common back yard birds (old file)


Westchester Warblers
More Warblers


Nebraska Birds


South Texas Specialties: for our Texas trip


A selection of Cuban birds
Cuban endemics

More Info

All recordings are from xeno-canto.org .

If you'd like to suggest a new song set see here.

More bird sounds: Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds

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