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ARS and AESNI Classes and Typedefs


struct  aesni1xm128i_key_t
class  r123::AESNI1xm128i
class  r123::AESNI1xm128i_R< ROUNDS >
class  r123::ARS1xm128i_R< ROUNDS >
class  r123::ARS4x32_R< ROUNDS >


#define aesni4x32(c, k)   aesni4x32_R(aesni4x32_rounds, c, k)
#define ars1xm128i(c, k)   ars1xm128i_R(ars1xm128i_rounds, c, k)
#define ars4x32(c, k)   ars4x32_R(ars4x32_rounds, c, k)


typedef struct r123array1xm128i aesni1xm128i_ctr_t
typedef struct r123array1xm128i aesni1xm128i_ukey_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 aesni4x32_ukey_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 aesni4x32_ctr_t
typedef aesni1xm128i_key_t aesni4x32_key_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_ctr_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_key_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_ukey_t


enum  { aesni1xm128i_rounds = 10 }
enum  { aesni4x32_rounds = 10 }
enum  { ars1xm128i_rounds = 7 }
enum  { ars4x32_rounds = 7 }


static aesni1xm128i_ctr_t aesni1xm128i (aesni1xm128i_ctr_t in, aesni1xm128i_key_t k)
static aesni1xm128i_ctr_t aesni1xm128i_R (unsigned R, aesni1xm128i_ctr_t in, aesni1xm128i_key_t k)
static aesni4x32_key_t aesni4x32keyinit (aesni4x32_ukey_t uk)
static aesni4x32_ctr_t aesni4x32_R (unsigned int Nrounds, aesni4x32_ctr_t c, aesni4x32_key_t k)
static ars4x32_key_t ars4x32keyinit (ars4x32_ukey_t uk)
static ars4x32_ctr_t ars4x32_R (unsigned int Nrounds, ars4x32_ctr_t c, ars4x32_key_t k)

Detailed Description

The ARS4x32, ARS1xm128i, AESNI4x32 and AESNI1xm128i classes export the member functions, typedefs and operator overloads required by a CBRNG class.

ARS1xm128i and AESNI1xm128i are based on the AES block cipher and rely on the AES-NI hardware instructions available on some some new (2011) CPUs.

The ARS1xm128i CBRNG and the use of AES for random number generation are described in Parallel Random Numbers: As Easy as 1, 2, 3 . Although it uses some cryptographic primitives, ARS1xm128i uses a cryptographically weak key schedule and is not suitable for cryptographic use.

Define Documentation

#define aesni4x32 (   c,
)    aesni4x32_R(aesni4x32_rounds, c, k)

The aesni4x32 macro provides a C API to the AESNI CBRNG, uses the default number of rounds i.e. aesni4x32_rounds

#define ars1xm128i (   c,
)    ars1xm128i_R(ars1xm128i_rounds, c, k)

The ars1mx128i macro provides a C API interface to the ARS CBRNG with the default number of rounds i.e. ars1xm128i_rounds

#define ars4x32 (   c,
)    ars4x32_R(ars4x32_rounds, c, k)

The ars4x32 macro provides a C API interface to the ARS CBRNG with the default number of rounds i.e. ars4x32_rounds

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_ctr_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_key_t
typedef struct r123array4x32 ars4x32_ukey_t

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum
anonymous enum
anonymous enum
anonymous enum

Function Documentation

static aesni1xm128i_ctr_t aesni1xm128i ( aesni1xm128i_ctr_t  in,
aesni1xm128i_key_t  k 
) [inline, static]
static aesni1xm128i_ctr_t aesni1xm128i_R ( unsigned  R,
aesni1xm128i_ctr_t  in,
aesni1xm128i_key_t  k 
) [inline, static]
static aesni4x32_ctr_t aesni4x32_R ( unsigned int  Nrounds,
aesni4x32_ctr_t  c,
aesni4x32_key_t  k 
) [inline, static]

The aesni4x32_R function provides a C API to the AESNI CBRNG, allowing the number of rounds to be specified explicitly

static aesni4x32_key_t aesni4x32keyinit ( aesni4x32_ukey_t  uk  )  [inline, static]
static ars4x32_ctr_t ars4x32_R ( unsigned int  Nrounds,
ars4x32_ctr_t  c,
ars4x32_key_t  k 
) [inline, static]
static ars4x32_key_t ars4x32keyinit ( ars4x32_ukey_t  uk  )  [inline, static]
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